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This field exploits numerous content forms like text together with graphics, page layout, video, audio and animations to form shows. Such displays may be employed in education, gaming, kiosks, and firms etc. It usually record, played and displayed contents on computerized and electric devices. Additionally to this multimedia content may also be used in live presentations. It is pretty much alike to mixed media of fine art but the scope is much wider than it.

Sorts of Multimedia Design - It can be split into linear and non-linear types.

Linear Multimedia Design- this sort of content doesn't provide any navigation control to the spectator. Theatre shows are the example of linear type content.

Non-Linear Multimedia Design - this kind of content interact users to manipulate the working of content. Software games and PC based self coaching programs are the examples of non-linear type content. Hypermedia is another example of non-linear content.

Crucial Traits of Multimedia Design :

. Multimedia shows can be visualised personally on stage, projector, and electronic transmission or can be hereabouts played on media player. Electronic transmissions can be live or recorded displays. Such shows can be analogue or digital electronic media technology.

. Users can download and streamed multimedia displays. Downloading and streaming is hot among users.

. It also employed in physical environment with CGI effects and multiple users in an internet network. Network or offline PC, game system or simulator.

. Augmenting interactions in multimedia shows is now possible by mixing diverse sorts of media content.

. Online Multimedia
design has become object-oriented and data-driven. It allows users to make creativity and personalisation with multiple types of content. Websites photograph studios with both images and title that permits user to update replications. Users can change events, illustrations, animations or videos of such shows without reprogramming it. Latest advancements like Haptic technology makes it straightforward to feel virtual objects.

Crucial Areas of Application of Multimedia Design :

It has wide application in numerous fields. Following are some critical areas of application :
  Creative industries
  Commercial
  Entertainment and Fine humanities
  Engineering
  Industry
  Mathematical and systematic research
  Medication .

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Introduction Multimedia Design

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This article was published on 2010/03/27